How do I find a 3 word address?


First you’ll need to download the free what3words app. Go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search for ‘what3words’. Or if you’re on a computer, go to


Follow the steps below


Open the what3words app and tap the ‘locate me’ icon to see your current location, or tap the ‘search’ icon and enter a street address or place, e.g., ‘Tobermory’.


Tap the ‘grid’ icon to view the location in more detail and move the pin to select the precise location.


Switch to satellite mode.




You’ll see the 3 word address displayed at the bottom of the screen.


Navigate easily with a 3 word address

You may be given a 3 word address over the phone or on a printed invitation. You’ll also spot them on websites, and you can look them up in the what3words app.

You can use a 3 word address to find your way to any location, from a rural home to a precise spot on the beach for a picnic. Simply type the 3 word address into the what3words app, tap and choose a navigation app, such as Google Maps or Navmii, to get directions.